Healthy vegetarian cherry tomato and mushroom pizza recipe for kids

Healthy vegetarian cherry tomato and mushroom pizza recipe for kids

 Want to get your child used to vegetarian food and give them a gluttonous meal at the same time? We have the answer! Come with Baby on Board to learn how to prepare the healthy recipe for vegetarian cherry tomato and mushroom pizza.

Pizza is usually one of children’s favourite dishes and, despite the bad reputation of this type of meal, the truth is that it becomes perfectly possible to create this Italian delicacy in a way that promotes health and responds to the gluttony of the little ones.

Healthy pizzas, such as a mozzarella and olives pizza or a pizza with cheese and ham can be quite interesting options for those who wish to give their child a delicious meal option, without putting their health at risk.

For those who follow a plant-based diet, another amazing option is our vegetarian cherry tomato and mushroom pizza recipe. Come and get to know it.

Benefits of cherry tomatoes and mushrooms

The properties of cherry tomatoes and mushrooms are a big part of what makes our pizza tasty and healthy for kids, allowing for the creation of an ideal pizza for those raising a vegetarian child.

The nutritional composition of these ingredients makes their health benefits diverse.

Health benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms are an incredible and extremely important ingredient for those on a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet, and it is very common to use them as a vegetable protein.

This ingredient creates a feeling of satiety, boosts the proper functioning of the digestive system, improves intestinal transit and helps prevent diabetes and high cholesterol. In fact, its role in reducing cholesterol, due to the high content of vegetable fibre, includes this ingredient in recipes such as soups to reduce cholesterol.

Long-term, consumption of this ingredient can also help fight free radicals, preventing degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases.

Benefits of cherry tomatoes for health

The cherry tomato or cherry tomato has an incredible appearance that invites its use in salads, pizzas and other recipes. Beyond looks, however, this ingredient is also a strong ally of health.

Among the benefits of cherry tomatoes, we highlight:

– Source of licopene, ideal for cardiovascular disease prevention,
– Promotion of better bone and dental health,
– Antioxidant and anticancer action,
– Source of vitamins and minerals essential for body function,
– Improvement of skin appearance and health,
– Strengthening of the immune system.

Vegetarian pizza recipe with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms

For this recipe, in addition to the ingredients we will describe below, we used the dough and base we presented in our article 10 healthy pizzas for kids.

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