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4 reasons to bet on varied recipes for your children

There are countless reasons to bet on varied recipes when it comes to cooking for your children. Come with Baby on Board to find out the main ones.

Food for children is an important part of ensuring that you create happy, healthy and well-adjusted children.

Principally in Western societies, meals are more than a necessity, constituting real opportunities for shared experiences and moments.

There is, for this reason, a wide range of reasons why you should consider the diversity of recipes that exist and choose to introduce them to your children.

Today, Baby on Board presents you with 4 fundamental reasons why you should bet on varied recipes for your children. Come and meet them.

varied recipes for your kids

1. Dietary diversity is important for the organism

Nutrient diversity is important in feeding baby. Ensuring the intake of the various vitamins and minerals is what ensures that the child grows up healthy.

When looking for recipes for soups, for pizzas and even desserts like best mousses, you will be ensuring that you find gastronomic solutions that your child enjoys and which, at the same time, contribute to the proper functioning of their body and their development.

2. Cooking can be a fun activity

We often question what we can do with children and forget that we have, in our homes, an excellent place to motivate a child’s imagination, activity and reasoning: the kitchen.

Food preparation can be a didactic and, at the same time, fun experience that strengthens the bond between mother and baby, and is also a cultural experience and can promote the child’s enthusiasm for the very reality that surrounds it.

With proper care, avoiding contact with hot places and sharp objects, you can give your child a pleasurable feeling and beneficial to physical and mental health.

3. Varying recipes can prevent food refusal

Almost all children go through a complex phase of refusal of food which creates some despair in parents. At this stage, it is very common to look tips for baby to eat better and even question whether we should force child to eat

In fact, when you opt for more varied recipes, you may get the child to have a more positive response to food on their own, eating better. It is therefore worth trying the wide diversity of healthy soups for kids or other dishes, with different textures, colours and flavours. 

4. Introducing varied textures and flavours contributes to development

A baby’s development is driven by many aspects of their life and, although it may not seem like it, the role of food in the process is also central.
When you introduce your child to new textures and flavours, you are allowing them to develop, both physically, as cognitive and emotional.

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Written by Baby on Board

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