5 vaginal changes during pregnancy

alterações vaginais durante a gravidez

Vaginal changes during pregnancy

A woman’s body undergoes several changes during pregnancy and, as you would expect, the intimate region is also affected by these changes. Do you know what are the main vaginal changes during pregnancy?

Come find out with the Baby on Board.

During pregnancy, changes to the body happen. These can take such visible forms, as the enlargement of the breasts or belly, or the appearance of the skin and hair; or they can happen in subtle ways, as in the way pregnancy changes women’s brains.

The questions that permeate pregnancy cause many women to find themselves questioning many different aspects of pregnancy.

The truth is, no matter how prepared you are to embrace motherhood, there will always be questions about everyday aspects: what are the essential vitamins in pregnancy? Are sexuality and pregnancy incompatible? Is corriment in pregnancy normal?

The questions add up and make mums-to-be stay in a constant state of alert to ensure that everything goes as they wish.

One of the questions asked by pregnant women – and which is not always expressed out of shame – concerns the changes that take place in a woman’s vagina during the gestational period and, for this very reason, we think it pertinent to have an informed and taboo-free look at this issue.

If you also want to know the main vaginal changes during pregnancy, this article was made with you in mind.

vaginal changes during pregnancy

Why do vaginal changes occur during pregnancy? 

Vaginal changes during pregnancy are the reality for almost all pregnant women. As pregnancy progresses, the body adapts to its new state and undergoes changes. In the case of the pregnant woman’s vagina, it undergoes internal and external changes.

While at the beginning of pregnancy these changes may go unnoticed by women, it is natural that as the months go by these changes become more evident and noticeable.

These vaginal changes during pregnancy are fundamentally due to the hormonal variations that the body undergoes throughout pregnancy and which manifest themselves in aspects as varied as its texture, shape and lubrication.

While the changes do not manifest identically in all pregnant women – the vaginal texture is already very different in every woman – the truth is that changes in the genitals are quite common at this stage of life.

Do all pregnant women experience vaginal changes during pregnancy?

Yes. Vaginal changes during pregnancy happen for all women. Still, the changes may be felt more overtly by some and go almost unnoticed by others.

Some phenomena, such as the appearance of bulging veins in the vaginal region, tend to happen to a smaller number of women. In this particular case, we are therefore referring to 10% of pregnant women.

5 vaginal changes during pregnancy?

Knowing that these changes occur in the genitals, however, it seems pertinent to us to list the main genital changes during pregnancy, considering those that most pregnant women report throughout pregnancy. These are:

1. Vaginal secretions

One of the changes experienced by most pregnant women concerns discharge in pregnancy.

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Written by Ana Rita Mendes

Ana Rita Mendes was born in 1992 and was born in Proença-a-Nova, Portugal. In 2014, she finished her degree in Nursing at the Escola Superior de Saúde de Portalegre. She currently works as a nurse at the Curry Cabral Hospital and NephroCare. Facebook

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