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  • How to make healthy Rice Broth for kids
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    How to make healthy Rice Broth for kids 5 (1)

    Healthy cooking is important to ensure children’s health. Find out how to prepare a healthy rice soup for kids with Baby on Board. Since the food diversification that soups are one of the main allies of parents who want to nourish children in a healthy way and, for that very reason, knowing the recipes of best healthy soups […] More

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    Healthy Lime Mousse Recipe for Kids 0 (0)

    Children’s health and pleasure concerns create questions in parents about desserts. Learn how to prepare healthy lime mousse for kids. Children tend to enjoy sweets but parents are not always comfortable with the idea of giving them less healthy foods.  Preferring children to eat vegetables is common research based on the best soups for kids. But […] More

  • 10 healthy mousse


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    10 healthy mousses that kids love 0 (0)

    Kids love desserts, and so you can indulge them without feeling the guilt of presenting less healthy elements, Baby on Board brings you 10 suggestions for delicious and healthy mousses for kids that you can present to pamper your children without harming their health. There is no doubt that today, healthy cooking extends to everything […] More

  • Healthy mozzarella and olives pizza recipe for kids
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    Healthy mozzarella and olives pizza recipe for kids 0 (0)

    Italian food is a favourite with kids but, because of its bad reputation, this is also a cuisine that parents often try to avoid. Learn how to prepare a healthy mozzarella (or mozzarella, in EN-BR) and olive pizza recipe for kids with Baby on Board. As a rule, children are quite gluttonous and Italian food […] More

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    Healthy chocolate mint mousse recipe for kids 5 (1)

    Offering healthy desserts to your children may be a constant concern. Fortunately, today, you can take advantage of great ingredients that help elevate the healthy content of recipes. Check out the recipe for mint and chocolate mousse for kids that Baby on Board has prepared for you. The world of desserts and sweets is a […] More

  • Como fazer Sopa de Espinafres com Croutons saudável para crianças
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    How to make healthy Spinach Soup with Croutons for kids 5 (5)

    Spinach is a food that children often refuse, so finding a recipe that motivates consumption of the ingredient can be a good idea. Learn how to make healthy spinach soup with croutons for kids Parents are always looking to give children the best possible nutrition, and so vegetables are ingredients that they usually want to […] More

  • Como fazer Sopa de Feijão e Couve saudável para crianças
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    How to make healthy Bean and Cabbage Soup for kids 4.3 (3)

    Kale and bean soup is one of the soups you can introduce to your child to ensure beneficial and healthy nutrient intake. Come with Baby on Board to learn about this recipe. As one of the child’s first foods, at the stage of their food diversification, soup also constitutes an important element to integrate into meals […] More

  • sopa de ovos
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    How to make Healthy Egg Soup for kids 5 (2)

    Egg is a rich food that children usually enjoy. An egg soup can therefore ensure that you offer your child a hearty, nutritious and healthy soup. Learn how to make healthy egg soup for children. It is very common for children to express, at one time or another, poor acceptance to soup. The refusal of […] More

  • Como fazer Creme de Abóbora saudável para as crianças
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    How to make healthy Pumpkin Cream for children 5 (1)

    A good soup is a rich and nutritious choice for kids, so knowing the best healthy recipes is imperative. Check out Baby on Board’s recipe for healthy pumpkin custard for kids. If you’ve explored the list of best healthy soups for kids you may have noticed that it offers a very diverse list of options. This diverse […] More

  • Como fazer Bolo de Laranja saudável para as crianças
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    How to make healthy Orange Cake for kids 5 (2)

    Cakes and desserts are children’s greatest temptation and if, like us at Baby on Board, you don’t like to deny them that pleasure, the best thing to do is look for healthier alternatives. Learn how to make a healthy orange cake for kids. Kids love sweets, so from time to time, parents put aside the […] More

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