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  • Como fazer Mousse de Manga Saudável para crianças
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    How to make Healthy Mango Mousse for kids 0 (0)

    Preparing a dessert for kids doesn’t have to be an assault on their health. Come with Baby on Board to find out how to make a healthy mango mousse for kids. At Baby on Board we are well aware of the dilemma: should we or shouldn’t we give our children those sweet treats they ask […] More

  • Como fazer Mousse de Chocolate saudável para crianças
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    How to make healthy Chocolate Mousse for kids? 5 (1)

    Chocolate mousse is one of children’s favourite sweets and also one that parents least like to introduce to them, because they think it’s unhealthy? What if we told you that Baby on Board has the ideal recipe for making healthy chocolate mousse for kids? Come and discover it! The fear that your child will get […] More