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  • Como fazer Creme de Abóbora saudável para as crianças
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    How to make healthy Pumpkin Cream for children 5 (1)

    A good soup is a rich and nutritious choice for kids, so knowing the best healthy recipes is imperative. Check out Baby on Board’s recipe for healthy pumpkin custard for kids. If you’ve explored the list of best healthy soups for kids you may have noticed that it offers a very diverse list of options. This diverse […] More

  • Como fazer Sopa de Alho-francês saudável para crianças
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    How to make healthy Leek Soup for kids 5 (1)

     Soup is not always a favourite dish for little ones. Still, its nutritional richness makes it important to eat. Learn how to make healthy and tasty leek soup for kids. Parents’ search for healthy soups for kids always seems endless, as variation is important so that the child does not refuse the food and continues to take […] More

  • Como fazer lasanha saudável para crianças
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    How to make healthy lasagne for children 0 (0)

    Kids love Italian food, and in your home, almost any gluttonous recipe from Italy can take on a slant that’s both healthy and enticing. Learn, with Baby on Board, how to make healthy lasagne for kids. We all know that children love gluttonous foods and often, trying to respect their nutritional needs and preserve their […] More