10 Phrases about being a grandmother

frases sobre ser avó

The birth of a grandchild is a very important moment in any grandmother’s life but, although there is a mix of fabulous emotions, not all women can explain how they feel about being grandmothers. In Baby on Board, we bring you 10 phrases that might help you explain.

The birth of a grandchild is different from the birth of a child, and so a grandmother’s phrases will certainly be different from phrases of the happy pregnant or the phrases about being a godmother.

The great importance of grandparents in today’s life, coupled with the vastness of emotions that link grandmother and grandchildren, makes it worth exploring the emotions and trying to explain them in the form of language.

phrases about being a grandmother

Come and meet the phrases that Baby on Board created especially for grandmothers.

1. To be a grandmother is to have a world that was born out of our world and that completes all the empty spaces that existed in our chest.

2. When I look at my grandchild/a I understand all the reasons for being here. In him/her all the hardships and trials become worthwhile.

3. To be a grandmother is to be a mother doubly. To have your heart beat outside your body, twice.

4. Being a grandmother is the best of both worlds: being able to advise like a mentor and being able to pamper like a friend

5. Our children are the field we plant. Our grandchildren are the fruit we harvest. And, God, how sweet is this fruit!

6. To be a grandmother is to live with the eternal desire to create, for our grandchildren, a better life and world than the one we had for ourselves.

7. To be a grandmother is to be born for the third time. We are born as people, as mothers and as grandmothers. A perfect cycle made of an unbreakable love.

8. A mother begets in the womb. A grandmother begets in her soul and heart.

9. To be a grandmother is to be a girl again. To be a grandmother is to be a child again.

10. To be a grandmother is to rediscover the fullness of love…and to realize that the body ages, but love is young and eternal.

Did you like these phrases? Tell us which one is your favorite and share it on your social networks to tell us how being a grandmother makes you happy! At Baby on Board, we live that immense joy with you.

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Written by Marina Ferraz

Marina Ferraz was born in Coimbra (Portugal) in 1989. She has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Minho and a Master in the same area from the University of Coimbra.
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