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bebé prematuro


it was inside you that I became a person. Don’t doubt it. It’s really true. From an almost invisible little seed, I made arms and legs and change and head and organs. You took care of yourself, with renewed care and as you had never done before, to ensure just that. That I developed, bit by bit, until I became what I am today.

I know that I came a little too soon and that, separated by a glass, you look at me with a dose of love and another of fear. I seem very fragile. Especially here, inside the incubator. I know you wish you could hold me closer and for longer.

The doctors say that I am doing well but that I may develop a little slower than the other children until I am two. And I’ve also heard them say that I might be more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. But don’t worry. I’m sure that with all your love and care, always accompanied by the doctor, I’ll be as big and healthy as the others. And do you know what, Mum?

You’re the one who makes me believe that.

Of course! Daddy’s a strong man. But, I don’t know, you seem stronger. Maybe that’s because you raised me since I was a little seed and you made me people. And I’m going to be strong like you. You’ll see! One day, I’ll be running around. So much so, that you will even be angry with me for a moment, before remembering this day and how, today, I seem fragile to you.

I don’t like to think of you being mad at me. But I like the thought of you being mad at yourself even less. Yes, I heard you when you asked what mistake you made that I was born so early. “Was it my fault?” you question. Don’t think about it, Mama! Think of it this way: from being a seed to being a person, I was there, inside your belly. I heard your voice singing to me, I waited while you prepared the baby’s trousseau, I watched you prepare my little room and pack my maternity suitcase.

I was waiting. And a little impatient to meet you on the outside. So, look, I came early. It’s gonna be okay. I hope when you know it’s gonna be okay, you’ll stop being scared and just be happy. I love to hear you laugh.

I’m here now. Growing a little bit more. And, I’m going to tell you a secret. I, who wanted so much to meet you on the outside, now I know the truth. I’ll always be on the inside for you, won’t I, Mommy? I guess that’s what grown-ups call love.

With all the love,
your premature baby

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Written by Marina Ferraz

Marina Ferraz was born in Coimbra (Portugal) in 1989. She has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Minho and a Master in the same area from the University of Coimbra.
Author by the Portuguese Society of Authors since 2008

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