10 positions for getting pregnant

posições para engravidar

Getting pregnant is the dream of many women and, although there is no magic formula that guarantees that the dream will come true immediately, there are ways of promoting fertilisation and getting pregnant more quickly. Do you know which are the best positions for getting pregnant?

Come and discover them with Baby on Board.

There are many women who share the dream of becoming mothers and, for this very reason, along with the prayer of the tentative, there are many strategies used – mostly from popular wisdom – to make conception happen naturally and quickly.

Some people like to explore the intricacies of popular belief to find out how to increase their chance of getting pregnant with twins or to know the best position to get pregnant with a girl.

Others, more focused on the scientific branch and hard evidence, are concerned with the relationship between fertility and nutrition and the impact that vitamins such as folic acid can have on this process.

With regard to sexuality, although it is known that the sperm count is higher if the man has gone through a period of abstinence and the woman is in her fertile period, the truth is that there is no scientific evidence that one position is better for getting pregnant than another.

Popularly, however, some sexual positions are hailed as improving the likelihood of pregnancy. Regardless of whether this is a reality or just a belief, the truth is that it is worth exploring the supposed best positions for getting pregnant.

After all, whether or not it promotes faster pregnancy, these will at least stimulate your sexuality.

If you want to know 10 positions to get pregnant, check out our list in this article:

1. Positions to get pregnant: Missionary

This is perhaps one of the most well-known positions and is also one of the best positions for getting pregnant.

This position – with the man on top of the woman – allows the woman’s vagina to be in a tilted position towards the cervix, which may make it easier for the sperm to reach the egg.

2. Conchinha

This position consists of the couple lying on their sides, the woman with her legs tucked up, and penetration is done from behind. It allows the couple to share greater intimacy and deeper penetration, which can help to get pregnant.

3. Tree

Lying on her back with her legs tucked up against her chest, the woman will be penetrated by the man, and then stretch her legs vertically, as if raising them towards the sky. The man may help raise his partner’s hips to ensure deeper penetration and improve the chances of pregnancy.

4. The Plough

This is a more challenging position. In this position, the woman should stand on the corner of the bed, with her arms resting on her stomach. The partner should lift her legs and hips in order to perform the act.
Allowing deep penetration, this position is recommended for those who wish to become pregnant.

5. Positions to get pregnant: On all fours

This is a well-known position where the woman will be supported on her knees and hands. It is a position that allows deeper penetration and can lead the sperm to the cervix more quickly.

6. The mountain

This position is a variation of the previous one. For the comfort of the woman, instead of being on all fours, she will make a small mountain of pillows to support her breasts.
The partner can then penetrate her. Being, naturally, in an inclined position due to the cushions, it is natural that the penetration will be deeper, which will improve the chances of fecundation.

7. Sphinx

In this position, the woman will lie face down on the mattress with her upper body elevated and supported by her arms. The man will consummate the act, penetrating her from behind.

The position of the woman’s body will, in this case, allow deep penetration, which will stimulate fertilization.

8. The bridge

In this position the woman lies on her back and raises her hips towards the man’s pelvis. The man will kneel down and penetrate her. The woman will then move her hips to stimulate her partner.

The woman, who is responsible for depth and speed, will be able to promote a more exciting sexual intercourse and ensure a deeper penetration, which will improve the chances of getting pregnant.

9. The butterfly

This position consists of the woman lying on her back on a table or a high bed. The partner will be standing up and will lift the legs of the partner, which should be on her shoulders, penetrating her.

This is another position for getting pregnant, as it allows a deeper penetration.

10. Positions to get pregnant: Indra

Finally, among the positions for getting pregnant, we find the indra. In this position, the woman will be lying on her back and the man will rest her feet on his chest, lifting her hips and moving on to the penetration phase.

The vaginal angle, deep penetration and the position of the woman’s cervical will help to

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