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Mindfulness in childrearing: discover mindful parenting

Mindfulness na educação dos filhos: conheça a parentalidade consciente

Mindfulness is the order of the day but did you know you can apply it to your children’s education? Come and discover, with Baby on Board, the new concept of mindful parenting.

The issues of parenting go far beyond seeking the physical health of children or fighting the trend of pampered children.

The search for educational methods that promote the child’s comfort, their well-being, that ensure they are raising happy and well-adjusted children is an ongoing thing in the lives of 21st century parents.

As new concepts emerge, such as that of positive parenting, educators are beginning to understand how the communication between mother and father affects the child, the importance of talking to children and even of reading aloud to them.

At this time, one of the concepts that has permeated child-rearing issues is that of positive parenting, a parenting concept that is anchored heavily in mindfulness.
Come learn more about mindful parenting.

What is mindful parenting?

Conscious parenting is not easy to define, in that it is not based on a set of fixed, structured rules that can be enumerated. 

Far from this, mindful parenting is anchored in parents’ feelings and beliefs about what a child needs in order to develop healthily and happily and to be able to thrive. (1)

Focusing on the present moment, this type of parenting is anchored in a way of directing action towards the child in a judgment-free way. This is based on parental and maternal instincts, consciously freeing oneself from the opinions of others and the fears associated with social judgment. (2)

In this way, mindful parenting allows for a greater focus on finding the children’s actual needs, their feelings and their reality, allowing for more effective action in the search for the child’s well-being.

This type of parenting, freed from judgements and feelings of social pressure, connects with mindfulness by opening up a space where it is possible to live, introspectively, a safer and more personal space that allows a connection with feelings and emotions, enabling the pursuit of well-being. (3)

While it does not release the human being from the negative feelings that may exist, it does allow for a life with less anxiety, which is also positive in parenting practices.

This lifestyle has been gaining fame and can be integrated into the various tasks of everyday life. Because of its versatility and its emotional and intuitive component, this can also be useful in child-rearing.

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