Does the menstrual cup help to get pregnant?

Copo menstrual ajuda a engravidar

The menstrual cup was an important innovation when it came to female intimate hygiene during menstruation. Some women are, however, putting it to another use. Come with Baby on Board to find out if the menstrual cup really can help you get pregnant.

The menstrual cup is not exactly a novelty but, since its introduction to the market, female acceptance towards this method has been steadily increasing.

Although there are many doubts about the use of the menstrual cup, namely after pregnancy, the truth is that this method seems to be considered one of the most hygienic, safe and environmentally conscious.

While supporting menstruating women is the focus and principle of this type of product, the truth is that, worldwide, the narrative about it is expanding and starting to integrate new ways of using the menstrual collector into women’s lives.

One of the narratives that has been gaining prominence, notably because there are women telling success stories about it, is that of the use of the menstrual cup as a fertility promoter.

Come and find out if the menstrual collector can actually have any impact at this point and help a woman get pregnant.

Menstrual cup helps you get pregnant

Relation between conception and menstrual cup

The menstrual cup is being used by some couples as a way to improve the chances of pregnancy and avoid fertility treatments, such as a artificial insemination.

Fundamentally, what these couples are doing is using one of two methods. In the first, sperm is deposited in the menstrual cup by the man and then inserted, and in the second, the collector is placed immediately after sex. In both situations, the intention will be to retain the sperm near the entrance to the uterus. (1)

Some experts believe that, coupled with the cervical mucus produced by ovulation, this may make it easier for sperm to reach the egg, allowing fertilization.

Still, this method is far from consensual and, although there are health professionals who support the decision, many others worry about the spread of unscientific information and assure that the menstrual cup cannot be seen as a way to cure infertility. (2)

Menstrual cup pregnancy: truth or myth?

Success stories do exist and can be found relatively easily. Still, the truth is that, to date, the method of inserting the menstrual cup to retain sperm in the vaginal region, near the entrance to the uterus, lacks any kind of scientific proof, and there is no data to guarantee that this method can work.(3)

Unproven, therefore, the method should not replace – even if you choose to use it – seeking out specialists and treatment if you are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant.

Have you ever heard of the menstrual collector as a fertility booster? Tell your story to the rest of the Baby on Board.

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