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How to make healthy Bean and Cabbage Soup for kids

Como fazer Sopa de Feijão e Couve saudável para crianças

Kale and bean soup is one of the soups you can introduce to your child to ensure beneficial and healthy nutrient intake. Come with Baby on Board to learn about this recipe.

As one of the child’s first foods, at the stage of their food diversification, soup also constitutes an important element to integrate into meals throughout the child’s growth.

Many parents, however, deal with complex situations during this phase, as many children go through phases of true food refusal, which force parents to be creative and present different flavours that captivate the little ones, in order to be able to nourish them in the desired way.

The search for the best healthy soups for kids then begins, going through the chicken soup, the Chinese vegetable jam or the carrot cream.

Another soup you can introduce your children to is the healthy bean and cabbage soup. Come and learn how to prepare it and what its benefits are.

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Benefits of bean and kale soup

Beans and kale are two very healthy ingredients that therefore create a perfect soup for children.

The beans are an ingredient rich in iron, high in dietary fibre, effective in preventing cholesterol and diabetes and contributing to improved digestive system, intestinal transit and cardiovascular health

Kale is high in vitamins and calcium and is good for bone, tooth and cartilage health, while helping to improve immunity


How to make Healthy Bean and Kale Soup for Kids

Healthy bean and kale soup recipe for kids

In our recipe we opted for a variant with plain vegetables, but if your child prefers cream, simply pass the hand blender at the end to obtain this texture. 


– 1 onion
– 3 cloves garlic
– 2 carrots
– 100 grams cauliflower
– 200 grams red beans (previously cooked)
– 6 savoy cabbage leaves (cut into pieces)
– olive oil (1 thread)
– salt (to taste)


Unpeel and chop the onion, garlic cloves, carrots and cauliflower. In a pan, place these ingredients with half the beans and cover them with water, adding salt and letting them cook.

When these vegetables are cooked, mash the mixture until smooth and strain if necessary to avoid it becoming lumpy. Add the kale and remaining beans, rectifying the seasoning.

Let cook for a few more minutes and turn off, placing

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