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How to prepare healthy passion fruit mousse for children

receita mousse de maracujá

Giving your child sweets doesn’t mean you have to treat them to unhealthy treats. Learn, from Baby on Board, a recipe for healthy passion fruit mousse for kids.

Desserts are important for children, as they consider them the most gluttonous part of the meal and enjoy it in a particular way. Still, when it comes to feeding children, parents’ enthusiasm towards sweets tends to be rather less, fearing that this type of delicacy will negatively affect their health or contribute to the dreaded cavities that lead to dentist visits.

Despite the candy’s bad reputation, the truth is that solutions like the strawberry mousse, marble cake, or the petit gateau also have healthy variants.

In fact, the healthy mousses for kids are numerous and allow you to indulge your child by offering a healthy recipe.
Come and check out the healthy passion fruit mousse recipe for kids that we have prepared for you.


The benefits of passion fruit

Passion fruit is a fantastic addition to your recipes, being a fruit with numerous benefits. The main ones include:

– Enhances the immune system,
– Helps you sleep better,
– Promotes muscle relaxation,
– Helps relieve muscle and headaches,
– Acts in the prevention of diabetes.

Recipe for healthy passion fruit mousse for kids

The making of our healthy passion fruit mousse recipe is very simple and we are sure it will please little and big kids alike, with no room for less healthy ingredients! To make it you will need:

– 10 ripe passion fruits
– 3 cups natural Greek yogurt
– 300 ml water
– 1 pack passion fruit gelatine
– 1 tablespoon (tbsp) stevia powder.

Remove the pulp from the passion fruit and consider removing the seeds. These can remain in the dessert but many children do not like this texture, and it is better to run the pulp through a juicer and use only the juice and pulp in the confection.
After obtaining this pulp, place it in a blender along with the yoghurt and blend until a smooth mixture is obtained.
Prepare the gelatine by placing 150ml of water on the heat and pouring in the passion fruit gelatine once this water boils. Then, turn off the heat and add the remaining 150 ml of water.
Slightly shake this gelatine into the blender, obtaining a homogeneous preparation. If you feel it is acidic (sometimes passion fruit has this characteristic), you can add at this stage 1 tablespoon of stevia.
Shake into a bowl and refrigerate until desired consistency.

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