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How to prepare healthy lettuce cream for children

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Soup is key in youngsters’ nutrition but ensuring your child eats it can require some creativity. Find out how to make a healthy cream of vegetables for children.

The number of recipes for healthy soups for kids is certainly vast, and in some ways, simply seeking out these options and giving your child distinctive flavours and textures can be facilitating your child’s acceptance towards soup.

While this may be the case, introducing nutritious ingredients into soups such as the chicken soup or the tomato cream can be positive, helping the child to better receive this type of recipe.

Little letters are one of the suggestions to make a soup more “fun” for the child and, in this sense, we suggest a healthy vegetable soup with the addition of this paste.
Learn how to prepare a creamy vegetable lettered for your children.

From nutrition to play

Creating children healthy and happy is not just about food, so this soup has two aspects in mind: nutrition and play.

To make the child accept the healthier ingredients more easily and trying to fight the frequent food refusal, you can try to play with visually appealing ingredients.

The use of playdoughs is a classic option and one that, at Baby on Board, we highlight. However, don’t shy away from using the more recent variants, such as animal- or number-shaped play doughs.

Using imagination will make the soup easier to accept and will mean that, even without noticing, your child will end up eating ingredients like carrots or broccoli better.

Healthy lemony vegetable cream recipe for kids

Our recipe for lettered vegetable cream will certainly make your child accept this dish better. You will need:


– 500 grams of sweet potato
– 300 grams of carrot
– 1 large onion
– 50 grams of broccoli
– 100 grams of letter noodles
– salt to taste
– olive oil to taste


Start by peeling the sweet potato, carrot and onion, cutting all ingredients into pieces.

Pour a dash of olive oil in the bottom of the pan and saute these three ingredients together, until the onion softens. Add water until it covers and cook until the sweet potato is soft.

Add the broccoli and salt and bring to a boil. When the broccoli is cooked, resort to the hand blender and reduce the mixture to a smooth cream.

Read this cream to the heat again, adding the pasta and let it cook. When the pasta is cooked, the soup is ready.

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