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How to make Healthy Fish and Vegetable Soup for kids?

How to make Healthy Fish and Vegetable Soup for kids?

Since the stage of food diversification, soup plays an important role in the diet of the little ones. Thus and to ensure that the child enjoys the meal and ingests the various essential nutrients, it is common for parents to look for the best healthy soups for children.

In fact, the range of options is varied: a tomato soup, a broccoli cream or even an innovative Chinese vegetable delight soup can be integrated into the weekly menu for your child to enjoy distinctive flavours and diverse textures, enhancing their palate and strengthening their body.

One healthy soup you can prepare for your children is chicken soup. Besides healthy chicken soup, you can also find other appealing recipes, like this one we bring you today. Learn how to make a fish soup with vegetables.

The advantages of fish soup with vegetables

There are three key points that make fish and vegetable soup an excellent option to introduce to your children. They are:

Vegetables are nutrient rich: this soup harnesses the benefits of diverse nutrients, including the vitamins and minerals present in vegetables. These vegetables can be chosen according to the child’s taste to ensure better acceptance of the soup.

Fish is a strong ally of health: in our recipe we use hake, a leaner fish, but nothing prevents you from using other fish in making the soup.

Among the benefits that almost all fish carry are strengthening the immune system, promoting good cardiovascular health, strengthening teeth and bones, improving memory and other brain functions, and promoting hair and skin health.

Rich in water and energy: as well as ensuring your child receives a good energy intake, which will allow them to play and learn better, chicken soup also helps with hydration, making it a strong ally to your child’s health.

Healthy fish and vegetable soup recipe for kids

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to adapt our recipe to your child’s tastes, you can change the vegetables or fish used. In our version, you will need:


– 1 large onion
– 2 garlic cloves
– 2 carrots
– 2 cauliflower florets
– 200 grams leeks
– 3 hake medallions
– olive oil (1 strand)
– salt to taste
– olive oil to taste
– parsley (optional)


Unpeel the vegetables, mincing the garlic and cutting the remaining vegetables into small pieces.

In a pan put a dash of olive oil and lightly brown the garlic and onion briefly, adding the remaining vegetables and stirring. Add water until it covers and add the hake medallions.

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