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How to make Healthy Pea Cream for Kids

How to make healthy creamy vegetable soup for children

It’s not always simple to ensure children eat healthily, but by using healthy ingredients that they enjoy, the task can be made easier. Learn how to make healthy pea cream for kids with Baby on Board.

The best healthy soups for kids are a superb way to ensure little ones eat their vegetables and broaden the spectrum of nutrient intake to promote healthy eating and good health.

Since soup is an important part of the meals from the stage of dietary diversification, some children tend to “get sick” of this dish, entering a real phase of food refusal which is generating concern among parents.

Combating this refusal of food – and especially of healthier foods – is something that can be conquered by presenting more varied flavours and textures, which promote interest and gustatory pleasure in the child.

Some soups, such as a bean and cabbage soup, a lettered vegetable soup < or a Chinese vegetable delight are good examples of flavours and textures you can introduce to your child.

Another fantastic example is cream of peas, as the flavour of this ingredient tends to be enjoyed by little ones and the creamy texture boosts your child’s taste for soup. Come and see our pea cream recipe.

Veas: a fabulous ingredient for kids

Veas are a good ingredient to introduce to children and this is not only because the taste is usually enjoyed by children.

The main benefits of peas come from the fact that they are a source of dietary fibre, vitamins (A, B, C, E and K), minerals (zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium) and also carbohydrates.

Eating peas helps provide energy, create satiety and regulate the body. In the process, it improves cardiovascular health, prevents numerous diseases by boosting immunity, promotes better digestion and helps strengthen a child’s bones and teeth.

Among its benefits, its role in promoting nerve and connective tissue regeneration by promoting the formation of new cells also stands out.

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How to make healthy creamy vegetable soup for children

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