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Healthy Lime Mousse Recipe for Kids

Children’s health and pleasure concerns create questions in parents about desserts. Learn how to prepare healthy lime mousse for kids.

Children tend to enjoy sweets but parents are not always comfortable with the idea of giving them less healthy foods. 

Preferring children to eat vegetables is common research based on the best soups for kids. But did you know that there are also healthy mousses for little ones?

Options like a chocolate mousse, a mango mousse or a strawberry mousse can become much healthier when we change the way they are made. This allows children to enjoy their special desserts without their health being put at risk.

Today, lime is queen in our recipe for kids. Find out how you can make healthy lime mousse for kids.

How to make this mousse healthy

Usually, parents believe that a mousse is a calorie-dense and unhealthy recipe. Yet with a few ingredient substitutions, you can create a healthy and delicious mousse.

Our suggestion is to use Greek yogurt instead of condensed milk and prefer naturally sourced sweeteners (such as stevia or honey) over white sugar which, as we know, is less healthy than its alternatives.

You can also opt for cream or vegetable drinks in place of the more fatty animal-based variants.

Healthy lime mousse recipe for kids

Our lime mousse has a rich, creamy texture without neglecting children’s health and is therefore ideal for the greediest kids who want a special dessert.


3 limes
500 grams of plain Greek yoghurt (without the watery goodness)
1 carton of whipping cream
80 grams stevia powder
1 dessertspoon (tbsp) honey


Take some zest from the lime peel and remove the juice from the limes, reserving it.

Whip the cream with two drops of lime juice and the stevia, until consistent.
Remove the watercilant from the yoghurt and pour it into a bowl, along with the whipped cream, stirring.

Mix the lime juice like honey and pour it little by little over the white mixture, continuing to coat.
Leave in the fridge for about 5 hours before serving.

NOTE: if you want a firmer texture, you can achieve this by adding two sheets of gelatine. To do this you must hydrate the gelatine and then dilute it in two spoonfuls of milk or vegetable drink, adding it to the cream and yoghurt mixture at the time of wrapping.

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