9 months gestation week by week

gestação semana a semana

9 months gestation week by week with tips

If you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant, we congratulate you in advance. Pregnancy is an amazing journey. For 9 months you will follow the news of the pregnancy week by week. And in this period of time, you will experience distinct sensations as, as many women define it, the development of love in the flesh takes place.

We are not in your shoes, but we walk beside you, and today we want to accompany you on the journey.

Come with the Baby on Board to learn about the wonders of week-to-week pregnancy.

The beginning of the story: the first 4 weeks of pregnancy

The counting of the weeks of pregnancy is done in a way that can be described as mere convention.

Not being able to identify the exact moment that generated the fertilization and since many women do not know for sure which sexual intercourse generated it, the 1st week of pregnancy starts counting from the first day of the woman’s menstrual cycle.

gestation week by week

The 2nd week of gestation, similarly, will be presented as an opportunity for effective pregnancy which, if realised, will generate, in the 3rd week of gestation, the effective fertilisation of the egg. 

The formation of the zygote and its attachment to the uterus will happen around the 4th week, at which point the body will start producing the hormone HCG (which will later allow a positive pregnancy test result).

Following the pregnancy week by week, you will see that during the first few weeks of pregnancy, the woman will therefore not be effectively pregnant… but will be finalising a phase of her life, which will follow from that miracle that is pregnancy.

Just by the 4th week the pregnancy will already be effective. Still, the embryo will not be more than 0.2 mm at this stage and its identification is impossible, even by an ultrasound.

A dream taking shape: from gestation at week 4 to 12 weeks of pregnancy

After experiencing the beginning of gestation, with the creation of the embryo that will generate the foetus and later your baby, it’s time to start feeling the pregnancy, to confirm it, to effectively know you’re going to be a mum.

You can, at this stage, turn to the gestational calculator to get a prediction of when the birth will take place.

The 5th week of pregnancy: the first symptoms of pregnancy

A woman’s body will, in this week, double the concentration of HCG in her blood but this will not be the only hormone running freely in her system.

Pregnancy will promote increased rates of progesterone and estrogen in a woman’s body. All these hormones, will make the first symptoms of pregnancy noticeable.

These symptoms can be various and not all women experience and feel them in the same way.

Still, the most common are vaginal bleeding derived from the attachment of the embryo (often confused with the menstrual period); the absence of menstruation; feelings of nausea or constipation; breast enlargement and tenderness and also some changes in smell and taste.

The 6th and 7th week of pregnancy: from symptoms to confirmation

If the first symptoms manifested in week-to-week gestation were té

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Written by Ana Rita Mendes

Ana Rita Mendes was born in 1992 and was born in Proença-a-Nova, Portugal. In 2014, she finished her degree in Nursing at the Escola Superior de Saúde de Portalegre. She currently works as a nurse at the Curry Cabral Hospital and NephroCare. Facebook

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