5 plants that boost fertility

plantas que reforçam a fertilidade

When you feel the intense desire to get pregnant, looking for fertility-boosting allies is natural. Come learn about 5 fertility-boosting plants, with Baby on Board.

Women’s experience, when it comes to getting pregnant, can be very different and each case has its own specificities.

Even if this is the case, for some women, some difficulties manifest themselves in the process, which can be related to possible fertility problems, either their own or their partner’s.

Before seeking solutions such as a in-vitro fertilisation many women try to improve their chances by increasing a fertility with nutrition, avoiding the enemies of fertility and even trying home methods like using the menstrual cup to help get pregnant.

Further on this list includes the search for supplements or plants that can help improve fertility. In fact, some plants have properties that, paired with healthy living – which includes a good sleep routine, good nutrition and exercise – can actually improve the ability to conceive.

Come meet 5 fertility-boosting plants.

1. Red raspberry leaf

The raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy is well known for its benefits but probably something you don’t know is that the beneficial effect this plant has on the uterus and hormones can also contribute to improved fertility. (1)

Helping to tone the pelvic and uterine muscles and acting as a hormonal regulator, this plant has the ability to improve the entire female reproductive system, helping to prepare the body for pregnancy and make it more fertile.

2. Red clover

Rich in phytoestrogens this botanical species is another one that can help improve fertility by helping to improve hormone regulation in the body. (2)

This plant is also recommended in situations where women are very irregular with their menstrual cycles or when they suffer from obstructions in the fallopian tubes, these being two situations that make pregnancy difficult (or impossible).

3. Ginseng

The properties of ginseng are well known and this is a plant that has been gaining in popularity with the introduction of Eastern medicine techniques to the Western world.

Promoting more regular cycles, the strengthening of uterine muscles and encouraging ovulation, this is a strong ally of those looking to improve fertility.

4. Nettle

Nettle is also a botanical species that can help improve substantiallyme

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