Daddy changes nappies too, tips for dads

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Daddy changes nappies too

This is an article for superheroes. For the “real” men.

For those who are not afraid to get into the most radical activity in the world. This is an article that won’t be for everyone.

But it is for the dads. Those who are. Those who want to be. Seriously, from A to Z, and not afraid to get involved.

It was the poet and painter Wilhelm Busch who said, “Becoming a father is easy. It’s hard to be one”.

This phrase says a lot about the differences between the role of a parent and a father. To be a parent is to be a part of life, the days, the little moments.

Later, it will be to be there at the wedding, on prom day, at the school parties. But it starts with your lap, with giving the baby soup and, of course… with changing his nappy.

A father won’t just be the economist who calculates how much he will spend on disposable nappies, food and the child’s education, although he may also do this.

A father will be a fundamental part of the life of the being he has conceived and brought into the world.

And there will be no more pragmatic way to show that your love is forever and at all times than to agree to change the baby’s nappy.

1. Poop Diaries

No. It’s not exactly the prettiest moment of parenthood, and it will probably be with a twisted nose that you do it the first few times.

Nappy changing will take you into the (possibly complex to your eyes) world of nappies, wipes and creams.

It will make you deal with the “less smelly” side of your baby, to which you usually boast the vanilla smell of the back of your neck.

Even if mums are reticent about giving fathers these tasks and, similarly, men feel that this role is inappropriate or strange for them, the truth is that getting involved in the real story of the nappy potty diaries is a way of creating a bond of intimacy between the child and its father.

Inadvertently, what a father is saying when he accepts his role in this less romantic activity is to tell his child that he will be there for him, to love him, to care for him, even in the less good moments.

What the father is saying to the baby, even if he doesn’t realise it, is that he accepts the less beautiful side of him.

Deep down he is passing on a fundamental message that will have a very positive effect on the paternal dynamic and also on the couple: whatever it is for, he is there.

2. “Times change…” – the nappy changes

The time when “men who were men” did not dedicate themselves to the home and to their children is long gone.

More and more dads are starting to include domestic chores and paternal care in their routines, and it is common to see them, nowadays, dedicating their time to cleaning the house, shopping at the supermarket or feeding and changing babies’ nappies.

Driven by the notions of an era where the fight for equality remains alive and active, trying to dispel the prejudices of bygone days, these men are courageously beginning to face a new form of masculinity, which includes a stronger and more striking presence in the raising of their offspring.

3. Learning to change a nappy

Not all dads automatically know how to handle their baby’s diapers.

For many, quantum physics and advanced mathematics seem like accessible sciences compared to this.

We assure you that you don’t need to worry!

Before the baby is born, if daddy so chooses, you can learn all the techniques in childbirth preparation classes.

If you choose not to (for lack of time or desire), practice and repetition, together with quick research and the support of Mum, will easily make you a real professional at changing your nappy!

Our advice is, therefore, to let go of all preconceived ideas and throw yourself into each of the tasks that involve your offspring, allowing yourself to create an intimate and emotional relationship with them.

One day, your son (or daughter) will experience a moment of glory. On that day, you will be there, at their side. And you will say, even if only in thought: “I changed his nappies yesterday… look at him now!

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