Discharge during pregnancy, is it normal?

Corrimento na gravidez

Many women experience discharge during pregnancy and wonder if they should be concerned. The answers are manifold and largely relate to the colour and aroma of the discharge. Do you want to know if pregnancy discharge is normal?

Then it’s time to find out with Baby on Board.

Regardless of how common a certain situation is in a woman’s everyday life, when she becomes pregnant, it is natural that the worries increase.

Women often deal with vaginal discharge, and at another stage of their lives, it might not be alarming. Yet, during pregnancy, when it does occur, it is accompanied by endless questions.

Questions such as, “Should I change the way I do intimate hygiene in pregnancy?”, “Is the shade of my discharge normal?”, or “Could my discharge in pregnancy be synonymous with candidiasis?” become common.

Today, the questions regarding discharge and pregnancy are precisely the ones that occupy us and it is to answer them that we leave this article.

If you want to know if discharge is normal in pregnancy and what the warning signs are that you should be aware of, this article is written with you in mind.

Is discharge during pregnancy normal?

A pregnancy discharge is normal in some situations and a warning sign in others. Basically, depending on its characteristics, pregnancy discharge can be merely a natural discharge or a symptom of an illness or infection.

For this reason, it is important that the expectant mother keeps an eye on details of the pregnancy discharge, such as its colour or smell.

Although the colour and smell of discharge varies from person to person, sudden changes may indicate that the body is subject to an infection. We will therefore look at the various shades of discharge in pregnancy to give you the signs to look out for.

White discharge during pregnancy: is it worrying?

No. Normally, a white pregnancy discharge is normal and does not indicate any kind of health problem. It usually has a gel-like texture and is odourless.

During pregnancy, progesterone can cause this discharge to become slightly thicker, creating a secretion that may stain the fabric of your underwear.

Are there any alarm signals concerning white discharge during pregnancy?

Yes, mums-to-be must be aware of two different situations. Firstly, if this discharge is very thick and abundant, it is important to consult a doctor.

This situation is also potentially worrying if you notice that the pregnancy discharge is accompanied by a strong smell.

Yellowish discharge in pregnancy: is it normal?

Yes. Like white discharge, yellowish discharge may not indicate a health problem.

When it does not have a strong odour, this type of discharge usually simply means vaginal discharge of dead cells and mucus, acting as a vaginal lubricant. This yellow discharge during pregnancy serves mainly to protect the vaginal canal from possible infections.

However, in some situations, this type of discharge may indicate that the woman is going through hormonal changes or be a symptom of possible infections.

Should I be concerned about yellow pregnancy discharge?

Yellowish discharge in pregnancy may not be normal. Usually, when it is not, it is accompanied by a heavy odour and is more abundant.

In these cases, yellow discharge may indicate allergies (e.g. to hygiene products such as perfume, soap, condoms or sanitary towels); the presence of fungi and bacteria (such as those responsible for candidiasis) or even diseases such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital herpes or cervical cancer.

Is it normal to have brown discharge in pregnancy?

Brown discharge is more uncommon in pregnancy, although many women do experience it.

In some cases (and in small amounts) brown discharge in pregnancy may not be an alarm sign.

Still, it is important to be aware of it, as it may also list infections, dilation of the cervix or changes in the pH of the intimate region.

Light brown discharge in pregnancy with a gel-like texture is less worrying than dark discharge in pregnancy, but especially when accompanied by a strong odour, it can be quite worrying.

Main causes

The main causes of brown discharge in pregnancy are changes in the woman’s genital pH, heavy straining or carrying out household activities. In addition, towards the end of pregnancy, brown discharge may be an indicator that labour is approaching.

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Written by Ana Rita Mendes

Ana Rita Mendes was born in 1992 and was born in Proença-a-Nova, Portugal. In 2014, she finished her degree in Nursing at the Escola Superior de Saúde de Portalegre. She currently works as a nurse at the Curry Cabral Hospital and NephroCare. Facebook

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