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  • Acupuntura: ajuda o bebé a dar a volta?

    Acupuncture: does it help the baby turn around? 0 (0)

    “Turn around” is what is said of the baby adopting the correct position for the moment of delivery. Although this usually happens naturally, some help in the process may be recommended. Come with Baby on Board to learn how acupuncture can help baby turn around. Throughout pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s concern is to ensure the […] More

  • Acupuntura na gravidez: alivia os enjoos?

    Acupuncture in pregnancy: does it relieve nausea? 5 (1)

    Acupuncture in pregnancy has been widely associated with the relief of motion sickness that usually marks pregnancy. Come with Baby on Board to find out if this therapeutic technique effectively relieves motion sickness. When one talks about pregnancy, one’s thoughts easily fall on what one can and cannot do during this period of life. Many […] More

  • Acupuntura ajuda a encurtar o tempo de trabalho de parto

    Acupuncture helps shorten the time of labor 0 (0)

    The uses of acupuncture in pregnancy serve varied purposes, and among these are relieving labor pain and shortening the time of labor. Come learn more about this with Baby on Board. Private of many of the medications they would take at other stages of their lives, pregnant women tend to seek alternative therapies at this […] More

  • Grávida pode usar perfume

    Can pregnant women wear perfume? 5 (1)

     The use of perfume in pregnancy raises many questions. Come with Baby on Board to find out if pregnant women can (or cannot) wear perfume. From the moment of the pharmacy pregnancy test positive and until the moment of the hour H pregnant woman’s questions are numerous and of many different natures. The questions about what can and cannot […] More

  • Hypnobirthing

    Hypnobirthing o que é e quais os seus benefícios 0 (0)

    O parto é um momento que, usualmente, gera muitas questões na gestante e na própria ciência, que continua a explorar novas formas de trazer os bebés ao mundo, minorando as complicações potenciais e a dor da parturiente. Venha com o Bebé a Bordo conhecer o hypnobirthing e os seus benefícios. Desde o momento dos primeiros sintomas […] More

  • Pregorexia: o distúrbio alimentar que afeta as mulheres grávidas

    Pregorexia: the eating disorder that affects pregnant women 0 (0)

    The concept of pregorexia is relatively recent and has emerged to describe a reality that affects more and more pregnant women: eating disorders in pregnancy. Learn about pregorexia and its risks.   Body concerns become, in the 21st century, increasingly common. The desire to promote weight loss and a building muscle makes many women question whether they can exercise […] More

  • Vomitar sangue na gravidez: devo ir ao médico?

    Vomiting blood during pregnancy: should I go to the doctor? 0 (0)

    A pregnant woman often experiences a time of severe nausea during pregnancy and this is normal. However, other possible scenarios may require a visit to the doctor. Find out from Baby on Board what to do if you vomit blood in pregnancy. Most pregnant women experience, especially during the early stages of their pregnancy, frequent […] More

  • Posso praticar pilates na gravidez? Quais os benefícios?

    Can I do Pilates during pregnancy? What are the benefits? 0 (0)

    Many pregnant women question whether it is safe to practice pilates and what benefits they can derive from this practice during pregnancy. Come find out the answers with Baby on Board. It’s not news that there are several benefits of pilates, which includes how its work is geared towards the practitioner’s entire body and mind. During […] More

  • Tonturas na gravidez

    Dizziness during pregnancy: should I consult a doctor? 0 (0)

    During pregnancy many women report experiencing dizziness and wonder about the potential causes of this problem. Come with the Baby on Board to find out if it is normal to feel dizzy in pregnancy, what the causes are and when you should see a doctor. Pregnancy is a very special period in women’s lives but […] More

  • Consumo insuficiente de água na gravidez: conheça os riscos

    Insufficient water consumption during pregnancy: know the risks 0 (0)

    Water is essential for the body to function properly, and during pregnancy, this is even more important. Learn about the risks of insufficient water intake in pregnancy. The physical manifestations of insufficient water consumption are always harmful to the well-being of any individual and it is no accident that health experts insist on drinking around two litres […] More

  • Apendicite na gravidez: conheça os riscos

    Appendicitis during pregnancy: know the risks 0 (0)

    Appendicitis can occur at any time of life, but in pregnancy it raises greater concerns. Learn about the risks of appendicitis in pregnancy with Baby on Board. There are several diseases that worry pregnant women, and it is very common for women to question how they should deal with the asma, the lupus or even a simple headache at this […] More

  • Alterações no ritmo cardíaco durante a gravidez

    Changes in heart rhythm during pregnancy 0 (0)

    Women know that in pregnancy a lot will change in their body but sometimes, even though the external changes are expected; the internal ones cause concern. Come with Baby on Board to learn about the changes in heart rhythm during pregnancy. Since the first symptoms of pregnancy and throughout the three trimesters of gestation, pregnant women know they will […] More

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