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  • Distúrbios alimentares e a dificuldade de lidar com a gravidez
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    Eating Disorders and the Difficulty of Coping with Pregnancy 5 (1)

     Many women suffer from eating disorders, and in the case of pregnancy, this can hinder the gestational process, both psychologically and physically. Learn more with Baby on Board. Since the first pharmacy pregnancy test, the vast majority of women adopt radically different behaviors to ensure proper nutrition, timely weight gain and, crucially, baby’s health. Still, it […] More

  • Posso beber águas com sabores na gravidez?
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    Can I drink flavoured waters during pregnancy? 5 (1)

    Pregnant women know that during pregnancy, they need to be more careful about the drinks and foods they incorporate into their routine. Are flavoured waters safe in pregnancy? Find out with Baby on Board. Since the first pregnancy test, when you feel those first symptoms, it is natural to begin a unique and distinctive journey, permeated with […] More

  • Mangostão na gravidez, será seguro
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    Mangosteen in pregnancy, is it safe? 0 (0)

    The pregnant woman questions all the foods she consumes. Is mangosteen safe during pregnancy? Come find out with Baby on Board. Parent mothers are very concerned about their diet, knowing that it can be a great ally in the development of their baby or, on the other hand, harmful to the health of the foetus […] More

  • Gravidez vegan: riscos e cuidados essenciais
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    Vegan pregnancy: risks and essential care 0 (0)

    Againly common, the vegan diet is an issue of concern for pregnant women. Is this type of diet suitable during pregnancy? Come find out the answer with Baby on Board. The adoption of a vegan diet is a very common practice in the 21st century. As well as being a plant-based type of diet, which particularly appeals […] More

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    Taurine: is it safe in pregnancy? 0 (0)

    Taurine is part of the supplementation that many people take on a daily basis. But is taurine safe in pregnancy? Come find out with the Baby on Board. The questions asked during pregnancy, about the safety of consuming certain foods or the medical herbs dangerous for pregnant women make perfect sense, this being a phase of […] More

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    6 fish rich in mercury, not recommended for pregnant women 0 (0)

    Mercury is present in some fish, making them unsuitable to consume during pregnancy. Come with Baby on Board to learn about the fish that have the highest mercury content and therefore should not be consumed while pregnant. Pregnant women need to be concerned about some aspects of their diet. Here, besides contemplating the necessary nutrients […] More

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    7 Fish that pregnant women should not eat, know why 0 (0)

    There are fish that pregnant woman should not eat. Do you know what they are and what are the reasons for avoiding them? Then it’s time to find out with Baby on Board. A pregnant woman knows to worry about nutrition in order to have the most appropriate diet during the months of pregnancy.This means, […] More

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    7 Fruits to avoid during pregnancy 0 (0)

    Knowing which fruits to avoid in pregnancy could be very important in ensuring the safety of the pregnant woman and her baby. Come with the Baby on Board to know the 7 fruits to avoid in pregnancy. A pregnant woman should take extra care with her diet, to ensure she does not eat any foods […] More

  • Acerola na gravidez: será seguro o seu consumo?
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    Acerola in pregnancy: is it safe to consume? 0 (0)

    Acerola in pregnancy raises some questions. Is this berry safe during pregnancy? Could it be beneficial for the mother-to-be and the baby? If you want to know the answers too, come on this journey with Baby on Board. The dietary concerns of the pregnant woman are diverse. At this stage of her life, rather than […] More

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