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  • 3 receitas de sopas para o bebé de 1 ano
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    3 soup recipes for your 1 year old baby 0 (0)

    Soup is a very important dish to ensure the correct nutrition of the child. Come with Baby on Board to learn about 3 soup recipes for the 1-year-old baby. During a baby’s growth, parents usually keep one concern: their nutrition. The feeding of the baby from 1 year to 2 years is a particular concern, […] More

  • Mangostão: será um fruto seguro para o bebé?
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    Mangosteen: is it safe for babies? 0 (0)

    The food diversification phase raises questions in mums. Do you know if mangosteen is a safe fruit for baby? And from what age? Come find out with Baby on Board. Baby feeding always raises some doubts in its parents. If, for the first six months of life, breastfeeding is recommended and it is simple to […] More

  • Alimentação vegan para o bebé: será segura?
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    Vegan baby food: is it safe? 0 (0)

    Vegan baby food is quite a controversial topic. Over the years, many media cases have led to several questions being raised about the risks of vegan baby food. Come and find out more, with Baby on Board. The 21st century has been responsible for changes and two that cannot be ignored concern how one views […] More

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    Can children consume rice jelly? 5 (1)

    Children love sweets but to make them healthier, parents continue to look for alternatives to sugar. Are you familiar with rice jelly? Do you know if your child can consume this food product? Find out with Baby on Board. Parents’ questions about their children’s diet, like their concerns about their well-being and health, seem to […] More

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    Adapted milk: what to do when your baby refuses it? 0 (0)

    Adapted milk is an important part of baby’s diet. So what to do when the baby refuses this milk? Find out the answer to this question with Baby on Board. A baby feeding is key to ensuring baby’s nutrition and health. Of course, part of this feeding process is milk. Despite the efforts of parents and […] More

  • Funcho na gravidez: quais os riscos para o bebé
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    Fennel in pregnancy: what risks for the baby 0 (0)

    Fennel in pregnancy has generated some controversy and the risks of its consumption have been particularly praised. But what are the risks of fennel consumption to the baby anyway? Come find out with Baby on Board. The pregnancy months are likely to be the ones in which women put the most attention on the ingredients […] More

  • Alimentação na creche
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    Food at the crèche: is your child eating well? 0 (0)

    Food in daycare is one of the issues that most concerns parents. In an age where the role of healthy nutrition is emphasised, disturbing figures reveal that children do not always eat well. Do you know what aspects to pay attention to when it comes to nutrition at daycare? Then explore this topic with the […] More

  • introduzir o espinafre na alimentação do bebé
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    When to include spinach in baby’s diet and its benefits 0 (0)

    Knowing when to introduce spinach into baby’s diet is a doubt that regularly arises among mothers. This green vegetable has been widely studied and there are differing opinions about the ideal moment to integrate it into your child’s diet. Do you want to find out when to introduce spinach into baby’s diet and its benefits? […] More

  • introduzir o morango na alimentação do bebé
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    When to introduce strawberries into your baby’s diet and their benefits 0 (0)

    Knowing when to introduce strawberries into baby’s diet is one of the most frequent questions asked by mums during the phase of dietary diversification. Do you know when is the right time to integrate this fruit into your child’s eating routine? So, come and find out when to introduce strawberries into baby’s diet, with Baby […] More

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