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  • Vontade de ter filhos reduz entre os portugueses

    Willingness to have children decreases among the Portuguese 0 (0)

    The number of Portuguese who do not want to have children or aspire to smaller families is increasing. Come with Baby on Board to learn more about this issue. The issues surrounding parenthood are diverse, and the way women and men view becoming mothers and fathers can be quite different from person to person. If […] More

  • Frases sobre ser tia

    10 Phrases about being an aunt 0 (0)

    Many times, aunts want to express their feelings but can’t find the right word. Today, we bring you many words, in 10 sentences that try to explain the love between aunt and nephew(s). Come and meet the sentences that Baby on Board has prepared for you. None letter from an aunt to her nephews brings as much […] More

  • frases sobre madrinha

    10 Phrases about being a godmother 5 (1)

    It’s not always easy to explain how you feel about a godchild, and at Baby on Board, we know that. We have created 10 sentences about being a godmother to help you explain that feeling. Check them out below and choose your favorite. When a mother asks someone to be godmother to her child, this […] More

  • Covid-19 e reabertura das creches

    Covid-19 and reopening of the crèches: all you need to know 0 (0)

    The reopening of the nurseries will be accompanied by a set of standards and directives to ensure the safety of children. Come with Baby on Board to find out what protective measures have been adopted for the reopening of crèches in times of pandemic. Concerns about leaving children in daycare centres have always existed. From […] More

  • Planos de inverno para fazer com o seu filho

    Winter plans to make with your child 0 (0)

    When the weather gets colder it’s natural to run out of ideas to go out with your child, keeping them cooped up, warm and comfortable. Come with Baby on Board to learn about winter plans to do with your child. When winter arrived, your priority was probably knowing distinguishing when baby is cold and the best ways […] More

  • Férias em Portugal: 5 programas imperdíveis para crianças

    Holidays in Portugal: 5 unmissable programmes for children 0 (0)

    There are some must-see programmes for children that you can’t fail to explore on your holiday in Portugal. Do you know what they are? Find out with Baby on Board. Holidays are accompanied by many questions. After all, what are the healthy breakfasts for the holidays? Does the stress after the holidays affects children? What are the […] More

  • frases para anunciar gravidez no facebook

    12 phrases for announcing pregnancy on facebook 0 (0)

    Phrases for announcing pregnancy on facebook are a cute way to introduce this news to your friends and acquaintances. If you want to share your special news but can’t find the right words, don’t worry. Read these 12 phrases to announce pregnancy on facebook, totally original and prepared by Baby on Board with you in […] More

  • frases da grávida para marido



    12 pregnancy sentences for husbands 0 (0)

    The pregnant woman’s phrases for her husband can help create a greater connection between the couple during the time of pregnancy. By establishing this bond, you will have the opportunity to talk better about how you feel about this huge change in your life. Come with the Baby on Board to find out the best […] More

  • Superar a perda gestacional

    Overcoming pregnancy loss: some advice  0 (0)

    Overcoming a pregnancy loss is always very hard for the couple and especially for the woman. This is a very deep loss and leaves very strong emotional scars. Still, it becomes essential to overcome the gestational loss so that life can go on and, who knows, new parenting opportunities may arise. Come with Baby on […] More

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