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  • coisas sobre a maternidade

    5 things about motherhood that nobody told you 0 (0)

    When a woman becomes pregnant, there are many voices that add up in advice and phrases of happiness and motivation. Still, there is much about motherhood that is left unsaid, either because of fear of going against socially accepted notions or simply because, for those who have experienced motherhood, they are natural and not worth […] More

  • Mindfulness na educação dos filhos: conheça a parentalidade consciente
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    Mindfulness in childrearing: discover mindful parenting 0 (0)

    Mindfulness is the order of the day but did you know you can apply it to your children’s education? Come and discover, with Baby on Board, the new concept of mindful parenting. The issues of parenting go far beyond seeking the physical health of children or fighting the trend of pampered children. The search for educational […] More

  • dicas para comunicar com os filhos
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    5 tips for communicating with your children 0 (0)

    One of the big challenges of parenting is communication and many parents question what are the best ways to talk to their children. Come discover, with Baby on Board, 5 tips to communicate with your children and establish a better interaction with him. Parents have numerous issues when it comes to raising and educating their […] More

  • dia da mãe durante a gravidez

    6 tips for celebrating mother’s day during pregnancy 0 (0)

    Celebrating Mother’s Day in pregnancy, even before the baby is born, is a good idea for all pregnant women. If it is your first time to spend this day as a mother, you can always explore the best tips on celebrating this special day to make the most of it. Find out the tips for […] More

  • como amamentar dois bebés

    I’m going to be a mum of twins, how do I breastfeed two babies? 0 (0)

    Being a mum of twins is a wonderful surprise but one that offers some challenges. Several questions arise during a multiple pregnancy. One frequent question is how to breastfeed two babies. Do you know how to go about breastfeeding two babies? So come find out with Baby on Board.  A twin pregnancy is the dream of many […] More

  • Gritar com os filhos

    Yelling at your children: 7 tips to avoid this situation 0 (0)

    Screaming at children is something that usually ends up happening in the relationship between adult and child. Patience doesn’t always help in conflict resolution, and if we’re honest, childish attitudes can also drive parents crazy. If you want to know the best tips for controlling your impatience and solving these problems without yelling at your […] More

  • mãe de cada signo

    What the mother of each sign is like 0 (0)

    CThe signs of the zodiac mark – according to popular belief – some of our personality traits. The management of our family relationships may, too, be affected by them. But, after all, what is the mother of each sign like? If you want to know the main traits of mums of each sign, come with […] More

  • Apps para mães

    10 Apps for mums, designed to help you 0 (0)

    Apps for mums can be strong allies in baby care. If you don’t already know the best maternity apps and want to enter the digital world of caring for your child, come and meet 10 Apps for mums, designed to help you, with Baby on Board.  In the 21st century, a technological world has been […] More

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