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    Italian study detects microplastics in human placentas 0 (0)

    A number of international studies have focused on the issue of microplastics and their effects on human life and health. An Italian study has now detected, for the first time, the presence of this component in human placentas. Learn more with Baby on Board. Plastic is an element that is part of our day and […] More

  • plantas que reforçam a fertilidade

    5 plants that boost fertility 0 (0)

    When you feel the intense desire to get pregnant, looking for fertility-boosting allies is natural. Come learn about 5 fertility-boosting plants, with Baby on Board. Women’s experience, when it comes to getting pregnant, can be very different and each case has its own specificities. Even if this is the case, for some women, some difficulties […] More

  • Copo menstrual ajuda a engravidar

    Does the menstrual cup help to get pregnant? 5 (1)

    The menstrual cup was an important innovation when it came to female intimate hygiene during menstruation. Some women are, however, putting it to another use. Come with Baby on Board to find out if the menstrual cup really can help you get pregnant. The menstrual cup is not exactly a novelty but, since its introduction to the […] More

  • Imunidade: estará relacionada com a hereditariedade?

    Immunity: is it related to heredity? 0 (0)

    In times of pandemic, one hears a lot of talk about immunity and its hereditary component. The concept of hereditary immunity, however, may not be quite clear to some people. Come with Baby on Board to understand what hereditary immunity is. The narrative that fills our television sets refers us all to the pandemic currently […] More

  • Transmissão de Covid-19 ao feto

    Covid-19 foetal transmission: what the studies say 0 (0)

    The birth of some babies infected with Covid-19 has prompted research into mother-to-fetus transmission during pregnancy. Find out what the scientific community says about the issue with Baby on Board. Much has been said about Covid-19 since the pandemic struck the world and pregnant women or new mothers are among the groups most interested in […] More

  • A telescola e as crianças em tempo de Covid-19

    Telescola and children in Covid-19 time 0 (0)

    Covid-19 led to Portuguese schools closing their doors to try to contain the spread of the pandemic. This led to the social isolation of children and adolescents and prompted the return of tele-schooling. Find out more about distance learning in a time of Coronavirus. The announcement that Portuguese schools would be closed was expected by […] More

  • Dicas para explicar às crianças o que é Covid-19

    Tips for explaining Covid-19 to children 0 (0)

    With the emergence and spread of Covid-19, schools have closed and children’s routines have been deeply affected. Learn, with Baby on Board, some tips for explaining to children what Covid-19 is and the consequent need to stay at home. There are things about motherhood that no one tells you and others that no one could have told […] More

  • ideias para fazer em casa com as crianças

    4 ideas to do at home with the kids 0 (0)

    Periods of confinement are always difficult but with children it can be even more complicated. Faced with the quarantine phase that so many countries are adopting, nothing beats knowing how to keep your child entertained. Come and find out with Baby on Board some ideas to do at home with the kids. Thinking about activities […] More

  • Como o reforço escolar pode motivar o sucesso académico

    How tutoring can motivate academic success 0 (0)

    Parents always want to ensure their children receive the best education, and a big part of the process can involve support outside of school. Find out from Baby on Board how tutoring can motivate your child’s academic success. When it comes time to start school, parents always harbour some apprehension about how their children will […] More

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    What is gender identity anyway and why is it so controversial? 0 (0)

    The recent implementation of new rules for changing rooms and toilets in schools has been controversial. But what is the reason for the controversy anyway? Come find out what gender identity is, after all, with the Baby on Board. Gender issues are not new. Inadvertently, Simone de Beauvoir already said in her work, “No one […] More

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