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  • dicas para comunicar com os filhos
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    5 tips for communicating with your children 0 (0)

    One of the big challenges of parenting is communication and many parents question what are the best ways to talk to their children. Come discover, with Baby on Board, 5 tips to communicate with your children and establish a better interaction with him. Parents have numerous issues when it comes to raising and educating their […] More

  • qualidade do esperma
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    Foods that improve sperm count and quality 0 (0)

    Foods that improve sperm count and quality can be very important in ensuring male fertility. Consumption of these foods will help to ensure the production of more sperm and ensure your health. Do you know what foods you should consume for this purpose? So come with Baby on Board to find out which foods improve […] More

  • pai de cada signo

    What the father of each sign is like 0 (0)

    CThe signs seem to influence the way we are and, as such, may also define, to some extent, the way we experience fatherhood. Although it is not a science it will therefore be interesting to find out what the father of each sign is like. If you are curious to know what the father of […] More

  • licença de paternidade no brasil

    How does paternity leave work in Brazil? 0 (0)

    Paternity leave in Brazil, how it works Although mother and father play fundamental roles in the life of the newborn, the truth is that maternity leave tends to be privileged and it is about this that most people hear about. But, after all, what are the father’s rights? How does paternity leave work in Brazil? […] More

  • Licença de paternidade em portugal

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    Paternity leave in portugal, how does it work? 0 (0)

    In Europe, paternity leave has been extended… and Portugal is no exception. Do you know your rights after the birth of your child, Dad? Then it’s time to come and find out how paternity leave works in Portugal with Baby on Board. When a child is born, most likely the parents will be the most […] More

  • Pais tratam a filha de maneira diferente do filho

    Parents treat daughter differently from son, says study 0 (0)

    Parents treat their daughter differently from their son We all say that we love our children the same way. A recent study, however, seems to find different results, especially in men, concluding that fathers treat their daughter differently from their son. Want to know how they came to this conclusion? Find out all about it […] More

  • pai criar laços com o bebé

    5 ways for fathers to bond with their baby 0 (0)

    Ways for the father to bond with the baby Although the relationship between mother and baby has been the main focus of attention in many of the articles published to date, we cannot forget that there is another figure, equally important in the relationship with the child. We are talking about the father. Learn how, […] More

  • papel do papá na amamentação

    The role of the father in breastfeeding 0 (0)

    When we talk about breastfeeding, we usually talk about mothers and how the magic of breastfeeding happens. However, breastfeeding is not (or should not be) an exclusively female issue. Find out about the role of the father in breastfeeding. If your partner has become pregnant and you have been around to experience the moments of […] More

  • pai muda a fralda

    Daddy changes nappies too, tips for dads 0 (0)

    Daddy changes nappies too This is an article for superheroes. For the “real” men. For those who are not afraid to get into the most radical activity in the world. This is an article that won’t be for everyone. But it is for the dads. Those who are. Those who want to be. Seriously, from […] More

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