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  • Portugueses querem BCG de volta ao Plano Nacional de Vacinação
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    Covid-19: Portuguese want BCG back in the National Vaccination Plan 0 (0)

    Delivery date: 18/05/20, 15:40  A petition for the return of the BCG vaccine to the National Vaccination Plan has gathered numerous signatures across the country. Learn more about this petition and the importance of the vaccine with Baby on Board. Children’s health is one of the permanent concerns of their parents and, therefore, the childhood vaccination cannot […] More

  • Síndrome de Kawasaki e covid-19 nas crianças
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    Kawasaki syndrome and covid-19 in children what is the relationship 0 (0)

    Some results have suggested that Kawasaki Syndrome may be related to Covid-19, with several children who have tested positive for the coronavirus also showing signs of this rare disease. Come learn what Kawasaki Syndrome is and its potential relationship to Covid-19, with Baby on Board. Many questions have been raised around Covid-19. In fact, this […] More

  • Hipoglicemia: o que é e quais os sintomas em bebés recém-nascidos?
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    Hipoglicemia: o que é e quais os sintomas em bebés recém-nascidos? 0 (0)

    Hypoglycaemia refers to a dysregulation in the blood glucose index. This situation can occur in newborn babies. Learn about the problem, risks and symptoms of hypoglycemia in the newborn with Baby on Board. When the H-hour and the baby is born, parents quickly understand that all the questions they had about the pregnancy soon turn into questions […] More

  • Vacina para a meningite W
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    Meningitis W vaccine: what you should know 0 (0)

    Meningitis is one of the diseases whose name scares parents the most. Being historically and in many cases lethal, this disease is something parents want to avoid at all costs. The topic of the new meningitis vaccine has been on the agenda. Come and find out why with Baby on Board. Even for those who […] More

  • Traumas de infância
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    Childhood traumas – signs that characterise them 0 (0)

    Childhood trauma can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Come with Baby on Board to learn about some of the signs that characterize this. Childhood is an absolutely decisive phase when it comes to the mental and physical health of an individual. Acts as simple as teaching your child to use words of courtesy can […] More

  • parasitas das piscinas
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    Do you know what Crypt is? Swimming pool parasites 0 (0)

    The Crypt parasite is very common in swimming pools and can be dangerous to your health. Come with Baby on Board to learn more about the pool parasite. Summer is usually the favourite season for little ones. The warm days during the holidays invite play and parents take the opportunity to prepare the best beach-lunchbox or […] More

  • Doença de Crohn pediátrica
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    Paediatric Crohn’s disease, do you know what it is? 0 (0)

    Crohn’s disease affects children and young adults and can impact their daily lives. Do you know what paediatric Crohn’s disease is? Find out with Baby on Board. Parents’ concerns about their children’s health never end, and especially when one of their children or a parent suffers from Crohn’s Disease, the fear that the disease will […] More

  • Hiperatividade nas crianças: será que o seu filho é hiperativo?
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    Hyperactivity in children: is your child hyperactive? 0 (0)

    Hyperactivity in children is much talked about. But how does hyperactivity manifest itself in youngsters anyway? Come find out if your child is hyperactive with Baby on Board. Many are the problems and disorders that affect children and worry parents. Examples such as autism or hyperactivity cause parents to keep an eye out for the appearance […] More

  • Micose cutânea no bebé
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    Mycosis cutis in the baby: learn more about it 0 (0)

    Mycosis cutis in babies is a skin problem that raises several questions. Very common in little ones, it is important to know what this problem is about and how we can identify it. If you also want to know more about mycosis cutanea in baby, come and find out with Baby on Board.  Baby’s skin […] More

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