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  • Musculatura do seu bebé

    Your baby’s muscles: how to strengthen them 0 (0)

    Baby’s muscle development is important as it will help in building body awareness, improving balance and mobility. Come with Baby on Board to find out how you can strengthen your baby’s muscles. At any stage of life, the building of muscles is important and, over the years, people start to notice interesting phenomena that relate to their […] More

  • Vitamina E durante a amamentação
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    Vitamin E during breastfeeding: what is its importance? 0 (0)

    During breastfeeding feeding is of utmost importance to ensure that the baby too gets all the nutrients it needs and also to keep the lactating woman healthy. Come with Baby on Board to learn about the importance of vitamin E during breastfeeding. Lactating women always have numerous doubts about breastfeeding and among these, questions arise about the breastfeeding […] More

  • Covid-19 em crianças
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    Covid-19 in children: what you need to know 0 (0)

    Although there are few cases of Covid-19 in children, studies indicate that little ones are also vulnerable to the disease, especially in the first months. Come find out, with Baby on Board, more about Coronavirus in children. Parents always harbour a special concern for the manifestation of diseases in children. Apart from the most common diseases […] More

  • QI pode se afetado por alimentação na infância
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    IQ can be affected by childhood nutrition 0 (0)

    The correct development of babies and children can impact on their entire lives as adults. Nutrition plays a very important role in all these levels of development. Learn the consequences that poor nutrition can have on an individual’s IQ, with Baby on Board. A child’s development takes place on many levels: motor development, emotional and also the cognitive […] More

  • técnicas para adormecer o bebé
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    3 techniques to put baby to sleep 0 (0)

    Many parents despair at the need to get their child to sleep. Often the child’s crying, even if it is from sleep, does not allow this task to be simple. Various techniques are then adapted to try to get the baby to sleep. Come and learn some of them with the Baby on Board. Motherhood […] More

  • Vigantol é um suplemento de vitamina D sob o formato de gotas, que permite que dê vitamina sol ao seu filho.
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    Vitamin D drops: how to give your child vitamin sun 0 (0)

     During pregnancy it is common for women to resort to supplements and hence the idea of giving some supplements to the baby is also questioned, after delivery. Vitamin D is present in Vigantol drops. Come with Baby on Board to know more about vitamin D drops and how you can give the sunshine vitamin to […] More

  • Educação emocional e o seu lugar nas escolas
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    Emotional education and its place in schools 0 (0)

    Emotional education is a challenge of the 21st century, which aims to improve students’ lives and interaction from the very beginning of their life and schooling. Come with Baby on Board to find out what emotional education is and what its place is in schools. A child’s education goes through several stages, where the role […] More

  • Tecnologia pode estar a prejudicar a visão das crianças
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    Technology could be damaging children’s sight 0 (0)

    We all know that technology has changed childhood, and today the digital world is part of children’s main activities. Exposure to new devices, however, may be having detrimental effects on youngsters’ vision. Find out more with Baby on Board. The relationship of children with mobile phones and tablets is not new. In fact, our age is marked […] More

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