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  • baixar a ansiedade do seu filho no regresso às aulas
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    How to lower your child’s back-to-school anxiety 0 (0)

    The return to school can always correspond to high levels of anxiety for the child and, in such an atypical year, this reality can be accentuated. Learn, with Baby on Board, how to lower your child’s back-to-school anxiety. We have all been affected by current circumstances and international studies indicate the growth in the number […] More

  • Covid-19: devo dar suplementos ao meu filho
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    Covid-19: Should I give my child supplements? 0 (0)

    Many parents are wondering if they should give their children supplements right now, in the face of Coronavirus. Come find out from Baby on Board whether there are benefits to vitamin supplementation for children during social isolation. Not for nothing have supplement-related questions created doubt among children’s parents. Several questions about the importance of sun vitamin or […] More

  • Guarda das crianças em tempo de quarentena: regras e excepções
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    Childcare in quarantine: rules and exceptions 0 (0)

    Divorced and separated couples may have some questions about how they should, in this period of Covid-19 State of Emergency and Containment, manage custody of their children. Find out from Baby on Board how sharing works in this quarantine phase. Coronavirus is a new virus and one for which many answers are yet to be […] More

  • Terrores noturnos
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    Night terrors: what they are and how to deal with them 0 (0)

    Many children, from a certain age, begin to manifest night terrors that sometimes follow them for a few years. Come with Baby on Board to find out what night terrors are and how you can deal with the situation. Child bedtime issues start at a very early age. Among these, parents usually have questions about […] More

  • ajudar a criança a combater os medos
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    5 ways to help children fight their fears 0 (0)

    Fear is something common in children and avoiding it is not the best way to help a child combat it. Positive action by parents can make a difference. Learn 5 ways to help your child fight their fears with Baby on Board. Parents know that at times it is difficult to deal with children’s fears, […] More

  • Coronavírus também afeta as crianças: quais medidas de proteção que posso fazer?
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    Coronavirus also affects children: what protective measures can I take? 0 (0)

    Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can affect anyone, including children, and as such, parents are alarmed by this potential. Come with Baby on Board to learn more about the protective measures you can take for your children. The recent coronavirus outbreak has become an international concern. Panic has already spread beyond the borders […] More

  • Bebé caiu e bateu com a cabeça
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    Baby fell and hit his head: how should I act? 0 (0)

    Something that can happen to your child, especially when they first start walking, is a fall. No matter how careful you are, a child falling and hitting their head is actually quite usual. Come with Baby on Board to find out how to act in these circumstances and know when you should seek expert help. […] More

  • Bebé com necessidades especiais: saiba como estimulá-lo
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    Baby with special needs: learn how to stimulate them 0 (0)

    Babies with special needs must be stimulated in specific ways. Come and learn about some of them with Baby on Board. All the issues surrounding the  ultrasound scan margin of error in identifying fetal problems have mums worried. Wishing for a healthy pregnancy and a well-developed baby, most women endure the Most common pregnancy discomforts by promoting […] More

  • Como lidar com a deficiência de um bebé recém-nascido
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    How to deal with the disability of a newborn baby? 0 (0)

    A baby with a disability or special needs can be a challenge for the whole family. Learn, with Baby on Board, how to deal with a newborn baby’s disability. A couple’s expectation when pregnancy is announced is that they will have a perfect child.  Frequently, over the course of nine months and going through gestation quarter […] More

  • Tosse matinal do bebé
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    Baby’s morning cough: what are the causes? 0 (0)

    Many times, babies and children experience morning cough. Do you know the reasons why it happens? Come learn about the potential causes with Baby on Board. Parents are always afraid of any illness that may strike their babies. That is why, apart from keeping an eye out for most common diseases in nurseries, they also keep […] More

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    Tick fever has some symptoms, what are they? 0 (0)

    Tick fever has some symptoms and knowing them is very important to ensure the problem is identified quickly. Learn what these symptoms are, with Baby on Board. In summer, the weather invites children to play in the streets, outdoors and in the middle of nature. This will undoubtedly be an enriching experience for the little […] More

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