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  • olhamos para o bolçar do bebé para lhe explicarmos se esta é (ou não) uma situação normal. Saiba mais.
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    Bubbling of the baby, is it normal? 5 (1)

    Many moms worry that their baby regurgitates after eating, which they often dub “bolusing.” Come with Baby on Board to find out if baby bolting is normal. After the hour H, the worries of first-time parents densify. Everything is a novelty, and at times, even the most normal situation can generate concern. After all, the goal […] More

  • Como lidar com um filho hiperativo
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    How to deal with a hyperactive child? 0 (0)

    Hyperactivity is aa disorder that affects many children and, consequently, many families. Come learn some tips to make better everyday management of your child’s hyperactivity. Usually, the entrance of a child into one’s day completely changes one’s routines and concerns. Suddenly, questions like how much will you spend on diaperss, what the most-common-diseases-are-infants or how to raise happy children enter […] More

  • Hiperatividade: o que é e quais os seus sintomas?
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    Hyperactivity: what is it and what are its symptoms? 0 (0)

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), usually known simply as hyperactivity, is a common condition in children that can create some difficulties in managing daily life. Come get a better understanding of what hyperactivity is and what its symptoms are with Baby on Board. Many people associate, quite immediately, some childish attitudes with bad parenting. Yet, […] More

  • filho pediu um animal de estimação
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    Has your child asked for a pet? Find out what you should do. 0 (0)

    Children usually love animals, so it’s natural for them to ask for a furry companion at some point in their childhood. Come along with Baby on Board to find out what you should do, regardless of your child’s response. Communication is one of the most important elements of human relationships. It is not only the communication […] More

  • baixar a ansiedade do seu filho no regresso às aulas
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    How to lower your child’s back-to-school anxiety 0 (0)

    The return to school can always correspond to high levels of anxiety for the child and, in such an atypical year, this reality can be accentuated. Learn, with Baby on Board, how to lower your child’s back-to-school anxiety. We have all been affected by current circumstances and international studies indicate the growth in the number […] More

  • Musculatura do seu bebé

    Your baby’s muscles: how to strengthen them 0 (0)

    Baby’s muscle development is important as it will help in building body awareness, improving balance and mobility. Come with Baby on Board to find out how you can strengthen your baby’s muscles. At any stage of life, the building of muscles is important and, over the years, people start to notice interesting phenomena that relate to their […] More

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