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Healthy chocolate mint mousse recipe for kids

Offering healthy desserts to your children may be a constant concern. Fortunately, today, you can take advantage of great ingredients that help elevate the healthy content of recipes. Check out the recipe for mint and chocolate mousse for kids that Baby on Board has prepared for you.

The world of desserts and sweets is a vast one, and children seem to enjoy taking that journey relatively often.

Evidently, concerned about the health of the little ones, as well as their rides to the dentist and possible cavities that may stem from candy consumption, parents prefer to keep their children’s eating routine away from some desserts.
While it’s a good idea to invest in healthy foods, however, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to completely exclude desserts from the list of recipes to create.

Some sweets, like the petit gateau, the chocolate mousse or a strawberry gelatin can present themselves in a new guise, which makes them much healthier. In fact, we’ve rounded up 10 healthy mousses that kids love.

Today, we bring you one of those recipes. Learn about the health benefits of mint and how you can take advantage of this ingredient with a recipe for healthy mint and chocolate mousse for kids.

The main benefits of mint

Mint is an excellent ingredient to introduce to children from the age of 5. From this age onwards, the benefits of mint for your child are:

– Improved digestive system function,
– Regulation of intestinal transit,
– Relief from respiratory problems,
– Anti-inflammatory and antigripal action,
– Improved immune system,
– Contribution to the health of the mouth,
– Relief from itching and skin irritations.

Healthy mint and chocolate mousse recipe for kids

This recipe harnesses the benefits of mint and chooses to use a natural sweetener (stevia) and 70% cocoa chocolate to make it healthier for little ones. Learn how to prepare it.


– 30 fresh mint leaves
– ¼ of a 70% cacao chocolate bar (chopped)
– 200 ml + 2 tablespoons (tbsp) low-fat milk (or vegetable drink) 
– 1 cup stevia powder
– 800 ml natural Greek yogurt
– 3 sheets unflavored gelatin


In a blender place the 200 ml milk, mint and stevia and blend, until the mixture is smooth.

Now, put the gelatin sheets to hydrate in cold water and chop the chocolate. The chocolate can be chopped finer or coarser depending on taste. Still, for a crunchy texture amongst the smoothness of the mousse, we prefer to use larger nuggets.

In a small saucepan place the 2 tablespoons of milk and melt the previously hydrated gelatine. Add it to the blender mixture and blend for a few more seconds. 

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