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  • Frases sobre ser avô

    10 Phrases about being a grandparent 0 (0)

    Being a grandparent is something very special and certainly goes far beyond explanations. Still, we decided to give it a try by bringing you 10 quotes about being a grandparent. Come and meet the quotes that Baby on Board created with your love for your grandchild in mind. As being a grandmother or being an uncle, there is […] More

  • Frases sobre ser irmão
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    10 Phrases about being a brother 0 (0)

    Being a brother is certainly many things, and each experience is unique. Still, one constant is love. Come see 10 phrases about being a sibling that we have created especially for you, on Baby on Board. Parents almost always want to, prepare their children for the arrival of a sibling. This process is done differently for […] More

  • Sexo do bebé e a polémica sobre a certidão de nascimento
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    Baby’s Gender and the Birth Certificate Controversy 0 (0)

     The issue of sex and gender has been widely discussed as the LGBT community develops a more intense and present voice in society. Come with Baby on Board to learn some of the views on placing the sex of the baby on birth certificates and the impact these have on the scientific community. The question […] More

  • Frases sobre ser tio

    10 Phrases about being a guy 0 (0)

    Beeing an uncle can be an intense experience that can’t always be explained easily. That’s why, on Baby on Board, we’ve created 10 phrases for uncles who don’t know how to express how they feel. Get to know them. The feelings you have for your nephews are always special, and just like being an aunt or being a […] More

  • Grávida? Só de sonhos!

    Pregnant? Only in dreams! 0 (0)

     I have dreams. Lots of them. So many that sometimes they don’t fit in my chest and I have to try to grab them with my arms and hands. I still feel like some fall to the ground for me, by way. But only because I was born this way: pregnant with dreams; eager for […] More

  • frases sobre ser avó

    10 Phrases about being a grandmother 0 (0)

    The birth of a grandchild is a very important moment in any grandmother’s life but, although there is a mix of fabulous emotions, not all women can explain how they feel about being grandmothers. In Baby on Board, we bring you 10 phrases that might help you explain. The birth of a grandchild is different […] More

  • Nanismo: saiba o que é e se pode ser detetado no pré-natal
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    Dwarfism: know what it is and whether it can be detected prenatally 0 (0)

    Dwarfism is one of the conditions that can be identified before or after the baby is born. Come with Baby on Board to learn what dwarfism is, what its types are, and whether it can be detected prenatally. The issue of disabilities in the baby is quite sensitive, but still, talking about this topic becomes […] More

  • Covid-19 provoca morte de feto

    Covid-19 causes death of 8-month foetus 0 (0)

    An 8-month-old foetus has perished at Amadora-Sintra Hospital due to an infection with Covid-19, despite the mother being asymptomatic. Come with Baby on Board to learn about this case and what is known about the virus during pregnancy. The new pandemic is still little known, although many studies are underway at the moment to try […] More

  • ideias para fazer em casa com as crianças

    4 ideas to do at home with the kids 0 (0)

    Periods of confinement are always difficult but with children it can be even more complicated. Faced with the quarantine phase that so many countries are adopting, nothing beats knowing how to keep your child entertained. Come and find out with Baby on Board some ideas to do at home with the kids. Thinking about activities […] More

  • QI pode se afetado por alimentação na infância
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    IQ can be affected by childhood nutrition 0 (0)

    The correct development of babies and children can impact on their entire lives as adults. Nutrition plays a very important role in all these levels of development. Learn the consequences that poor nutrition can have on an individual’s IQ, with Baby on Board. A child’s development takes place on many levels: motor development, emotional and also the cognitive […] More

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    What is gender identity anyway and why is it so controversial? 0 (0)

    The recent implementation of new rules for changing rooms and toilets in schools has been controversial. But what is the reason for the controversy anyway? Come find out what gender identity is, after all, with the Baby on Board. Gender issues are not new. Inadvertently, Simone de Beauvoir already said in her work, “No one […] More

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