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  • Parto dentro de água

    Water birth, doubts and benefits 0 (0)

    Childbirth in water has been highly evoked in recent years. Between its supporters and its critics, this type of birth has become more common and there are already several spaces that allow it. Do you know the benefits of giving birth in water? If you have any doubts about this type of childbirth, this is […] More

  • desconforto mais comuns na gravidez

    7 most common types of discomfort in pregnancy 0 (0)

    Pregnancy is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Yet, to deny the discomforts of pregnancy would be delusional. Indeed, there are common types of discomfort in pregnancy that many women know well and live with for 9 months. Come and learn about the 7 most common types of […] More

  • Endometriose e gravidez

    Endometriosis and pregnancy, are there complications? 0 (0)

    Endometriosis and pregnancy, what complications can this disease have The female reproductive system is sometimes the scene of uncomfortable and worrying diseases and complications. Many mums and expectant mums who suffer or have suffered from endometriosis are therefore concerned about how this disease can affect their attempts to become pregnant or their pregnancy. Do you […] More

  • alterações vaginais durante a gravidez

    5 vaginal changes during pregnancy 0 (0)

    Vaginal changes during pregnancy A woman’s body undergoes several changes during pregnancy and, as you would expect, the intimate region is also affected by these changes. Do you know what are the main vaginal changes during pregnancy? Come find out with the Baby on Board. During pregnancy, changes to the body happen. These can take […] More

  • Corrimento na gravidez

    Discharge during pregnancy, is it normal? 0 (0)

    Many women experience discharge during pregnancy and wonder if they should be concerned. The answers are manifold and largely relate to the colour and aroma of the discharge. Do you want to know if pregnancy discharge is normal? Then it’s time to find out with Baby on Board. Regardless of how common a certain situation […] More

  • como medir a temperatura do bebé
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    Do you know how to take your baby’s and children’s temperature? 0 (0)

    When the baby’s temperature rises, it is inevitable that the mother’s heart alarms. However, noticing that the baby’s temperature is high when you touch him does not mean that he has a fever and it is important to take the appropriate measurement. Do you know how to take your baby’s and children’s temperature? Then it […] More

  • in ,

    Mosquito bites in babies, how to treat 0 (0)

    Warm weather is synonymous with holidays and fun. But that’s not all. After the rains and with the increase in temperature, mosquitoes start to appear and it is natural that your child ends up being bitten. Learn how to prevent and treat mosquito bites in babies, with Baby on Board. There are many factors that […] More

  • Copo de transição
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    Transition cup from how many months 0 (0)

    As baby develops, new elements become part of his or her routine. The transitional cup could be one of the ideal objects to promote your child’s autonomy. Do you know when to introduce the transitional cup? And do you know which is the best option to choose? Come and find out with Baby on Board. […] More

  • Bico de silicone para amamentação

    Does the silicone nipple for breastfeeding harm the baby? 0 (0)

    Is a silicone nipple for breastfeeding harmful for the baby? Breastfeeding is not always simple. Sometimes mothers find themselves in a situation in which the pain in their nipples becomes difficult to bear. The silicone breastfeeding nipple was created for these women. Are you familiar with this product? Do you know its advantages and disadvantages? […] More

  • gestação semana a semana

    9 months gestation week by week 0 (0)

    9 months gestation week by week with tips If you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant, we congratulate you in advance. Pregnancy is an amazing journey. For 9 months you will follow the news of the pregnancy week by week. And in this period of time, you will experience distinct sensations as, as many women define […] More

  • as razões e significados inerentes ao mau cheiro bucal da criança, debruçamo-nos, hoje, sobre quando o bebé tem mau hálito, para tentarmos compreender os vários causadores desta situação e quando é que esta pode ser, efetivamente, indicadora de algum problema de saúde.
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    When a baby has bad breath, what can it mean? 0 (0)

    When your baby has bad breath, what it could mean When a baby is born, questions seem to arise too. Suddenly, we find ourselves questioning the smallest details about baby’s daily life. Do you know what to do when baby has bad breath? And do you know if this could be some kind of symptom? […] More

  • Bebé com gases
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    Baby with gas, what can I do? 0 (0)

    Baby with gas, what can I do? New mothers know better than anyone else that sometimes baby’s gas makes you feel unwell and uncomfortable. But what causes these gases? And what can be done to prevent and treat it? Learn all about it with Baby on Board. When they are born, having an immature organism […] More

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