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Anona in pregnancy: what are the benefits of this fruit for pregnancy?

Anona na gravidez

Eating cherimoya during pregnancy can have several benefits for the pregnant woman. Sweet and pleasant, this fruit has properties that favour the mother and the foetus. Do you know why you should eat cherimoya in pregnancy?

Come find out with Baby on Board.

Food balance in pregnancy also means that there should be a diverse diet.

Colouring pregnant women’s plates with fruit could be a good way to ensure that it has the energy and nutritional intake it needs.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to wonder about the best fruits in pregnancy, which fruits the pregnant woman should eat in summer or which nutrient-rich African fruits.

In fact, being able to vary the diet by including the best fruits can be an asset for the pregnant woman and for the baby’s own development.

So today, considering the benefits of cherimoya, we look into this fruit to find out if it is safe in pregnancy and what the advantages of consuming cherimoya in pregnancy are.

If you also want to know the main reasons why you should eat cherimoya in pregnancy, you have found the ideal article for you.

1. What is the cherimoya?

The custard apple is a green fruit, with an apparently flaky skin and a soft, bland flesh. This fruit originated in South America but is currently produced in several countries around the world, having a strong expression in the Portuguese islands and particularly in Madeira.

It is a sweet and juicy tropical steak, with a creamy texture and a subtle level of acidity. Despite having a unique and characteristic taste, this is compared to fruits such as the pineapple or the strawberry.

What does the nutrition chart for cherimoya look like?

Majorly made up of water, this being 78% of its composition, the custard apple is a nutritionally very rich fruit.

This food product contains 68 kcal per 100 grams, being somewhat caloric. Still, in its composition are found several essential nutrients for the functioning of the body, including vitamins and minerals.

Among the main minerals that make up the cherimoya, we find magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and copper.

In addition, vitamins such as vitamin C and B-complex vitamins (including vitamin B6 and B9) are also part of its composition.

This fruit is also rich and fibre (3.2 grams), carbohydrates (17.1 grams) and protein (1.5 grams). (1)

2. Can a pregnant woman eat cherimoya?

Yes, pregnant women can eat custard apple. Very nutritious and healthy, this fruit is indicated during pregnancy, although it is recommended, due to its caloric index, that it is consumed in moderation. Moderation is essential in order to avoid.

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