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5 perfect places for a picnic with children. One of them will surprise you

places for a picnic with children

Entertaining the kids and giving them happy moments is important. That’s why, on Baby on Board, today we bring you 5 amazing suggestions for a perfect picnic with the kids (and we bet one of them will surprise you)!

Changes in routine are good to ensure you create happy kids and so making plans as a family is always a good idea.

Liberating the children from mobile phones and tablets, these moments allow for another type of interaction and play, which stimulates the child both physically and intellectually.

With all these issues in mind, Baby on Board has prepared for you a list of 5 fabulous picnic suggestions for those with children that give families a wide range of options.

Check out 5 perfect places for a picnic… and be surprised to find that one of them is right near you!

1. A verdant mountain range

An idyllic, tree-filled location is ideal for your child to establish contact with nature, while the whole family enjoys a family picnic.

Look for shade and spread a towel on the ground or choose one of the picnic parks that are usually found in the various green hills. This is a good way to enjoy the outdoors, with magnificent views all around and all the warmth of a family meal.

2. A seaside beach

Taking the baby to the beach, without forgetting the essential accessories is always a good idea, but adding a picnic to this plan can make it even more exciting. 
A good idea is to prepare one of healthy pizzas that the child loves, a marble cake or a orange cake and enjoy this family moment over the sandpit.

3. A river beach

Most river beaches feature spaces specifically designed for picnics, where nature and river come together in beautiful, calming surroundings. In addition, many also feature inviting playgrounds.
Remember to choose a good sunscreen for your child, so they can enjoy the space safely.

4. A city garden

For those who do not live near beaches or mountains, city gardens are a good opportunity to take your child to enjoy a meal outdoors.
These true “lungs” of cities usually also have places dedicated to the practice of other activities such as skateboarding, cycling or enjoy playgrounds.
This way, you can combine an amazing meal on the lawn or on picnic tables with moments of fun.

5. Your home

Over the past few years, our home has been touted as the safest place to be. This is no deterrent to giving your children a real family picnic.

Whether in the home garden, on a balcony, on a marquee or even on the living room floor, take the opportunity to set up a favourable environment for a picnic. Accustomed to lego, which stimulates their imagination, children themselves will be able to create a narrative and suddenly, in imagination, be anywhere green or even in an enchanted fantasy world. This is a fantastic way to stimulate.

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