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10 healthy mousses that kids love

10 healthy mousse

Kids love desserts, and so you can indulge them without feeling the guilt of presenting less healthy elements, Baby on Board brings you 10 suggestions for delicious and healthy mousses for kids that you can present to pamper your children without harming their health.

There is no doubt that today, healthy cooking extends to everything and everyone, with variants and alternatives that enhance each of the ingredients and make them allies of well-being and healthy organism. 

Today, we find suggestions from 20 Healthy Soups for Kids but also from 10 healthy pizzas for little ones or from 10 soups indicated for lowering cholesterol.

Wanting to ensure the happiness of boys and girls at mealtimes, today we bring you a delicious list of 10 healthy mousses that kids just love (and parents too!). Get to know them.

Healthy mousses for kids

1. Chocolate mousse

The confectionery classic, a children’s favourite, can have a healthier recipe with small changes to the original recipe.

2. Mango mousse

By harnessing the properties of mango and stripping away the “thankless ingredients” we can achieve a healthy mango mousse recipe for your kids.

3. Strawberry mousse

Filled with vitamins, strawberries can make your child’s mousse rich in appealing properties, ensuring a delicious and healthy recipe.

4. Lime mousse

Antioxidants and vitamin C will fill your child’s bowl with a healthy lime mousse that dispenses with condensed milk and white sugar.

5. Mint and chocolate mousse

70% cocoa chocolate will give a crunchy touch to the creamy texture of the healthy mint mousse whose recipe we have for you, allowing a contrast of flavours and textures that will quickly win over the little ones, without putting their health at risk.

6. Passion fruit mousse

The health benefits of passion fruit can be easily harnessed in this dessert recipe for children, where less healthy ingredients have no place.

7. Mousse of melon

Verbose and fresh, cantaloupe mousse is a healthy option for the whole family, without the need for sweeteners.

8. Avocado and Cocoa Mousse

A richer, fuller-bodied texture is the promise of avocado and cocoa mousse. A nutritious, high-energy option that doesn’t require condensed milk.

9. Two-coloured mousse

A fun, two-layered mousse of colour brings together raspberry and vanilla in a healthy burst of flavour that you can give your child without feeling guilty.

10. Banana Mousse

Full of flavour and with a magnificent texture, this mousse is ideal for children and adults alike, providing an interesting source of potassium and magnesium for those who lead an active life.

Do you like our suggestions of healthy mousses that children love? Then, be sure to try the recipes that Baby on Board has prepared especially for you and your children.

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